Switchfoot finds World Peace - 3 Yanks, 2 Saffas, a Pom & 2 Aussies get tubed together

Early July Switchfoot hosted a mixed bag of surfers, each from a different corner of the globe and even though most of them are smart enough to live in Gods country “Australia” we have to give credit to our mates from California for being the quiet achievers of the trip in the water.

Jason Quinn our Captain and guide had his work cut out for him from the start but was happy to see that the boys had bought lots of Rum duty free as requested which made his job a lot easier come 5pm and especially after they had all surfed their brains out.

The trip went from Telescopes down to Lances, HTS then down to Thunders, a few secret spots then headed back up the coast again over the remaining days.

The boys had a great trip and there wasn’t even one major international incident to report on. Who knew world peace comes in the form of getting waves. One standout session was at Lance’s Left on the way home, it must have been 8-10ft on the sets, no crowd, perfect conditions and the boys didn’t hold back, afterwards they were mates for life. To see proof check the shots below!

Cya next year fellas!

All shots Mike Egan @byronwaves

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