We suggest you bring on charter:


Surf Equipment

: Boards,  3 - 4 ,Type? Up to you.Generally tho, 1 for smaller fun days,2 mid range boards and 1 for larger surf.We see a lot of boards creased or broken up here,some waves pack some punch,so a bit of extra glass always helps

Leg ropes: 3 - 4 at least 2 new ones, 6 - 8 ft in length .my choice?ocean & earth premium.

Fins: 3 of your favourites

Rash Vest / 1mm Wetsuit top

Wax:Tropical/warm water

Sunscreen/ Zinc/Hat/Sun Glasses

Booties, either for surfing and/or walking on beach/reef

Boardshorts,T-Shirts "you really only need about 5 of each and light long sleeve top and pants


Camera/go pro/video camera

Your favourite music to plug into our amplifier

Usb / memory card "so you take home all the photos we shoot during the trip" 16-32 gb

First Aid Kit: We do have an extensive medical kit and first aid gear on board,we are trained and certified in First Aid,although it helps to bring a small personal kit of your own with some betadine,antiseptic cream and elastoplast bandaids ,some panadol as well to treat any small cuts / scratches you may have in your own time.

Re Hydration powders;;eg, gatorade/powerade.It gets very warm and humid in the tropics and it is important to keep your fluids up and stay hydrated,electrolytes help replace the salts and sugars you loose while surfing


Depending on where you’re coming from there are several different options you can use to get to Padang;

Example 1: 

Sydney-Jakarta-Padang flying Garuda airlines.
This route can be done in one day, arriving in Padang around 11pm. 


Sydney - Jakarta flying Garuda airlines, (staying one night in Jakarta) and fly to Padang the next morning. 
*Garuda has a baggage allowance that includes surfboards.

Example 2: 

Sydney via Kuala Lumpur flying Air Asia (1 night stopover) then fly to Padang the next morning with Air Asia. 
*Air Asia does charge for boards and extras

*‘SKYSCANNER’  is a great app with a ‘multi-tube’ of cheap flights to choose from.